Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What a Year..........PHEW!!!!

So I decided that that's it...............i'm blogging again:o) I'm a whole year older and i CAN'T BELIEVE that i haven't done this since January 2010! I had the craziest year ever. I got married last September and I spent most of the year preparing for that. I made everything and I mean EVERYTHING related to my wedding (well slight exageration cos i didn't make the clothes). My crafting craze really helped me out. I had so much fun doing it. I'd love to do someone elses wedding cos it was such a pleasure. I sat down on the day of my wedding and I couldn't believe all that i had done. And talk about saving money! I don't understand where all the high price tags come from when the word "wedding" is mentioned. I did it for a fraction of the price and i had the BEST DAY EVER...........and some of my guests said it was the best wedding they were ever at.........which was an added little pleasure in itself:o)

Anyway, I've decided that this blog is gonna contain everything there is to know about being me.......a stay at home mom with a passion for making stuff. Unfortunately with the year that i gained I also gained 24lbs so i'm on a mission to try and lose that. SHould make for interesting reading!

Until the next time,