Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My New Year Resolution Update!

Well as i said there were a few things on my list but the top of the list was to LOVE my Etsy store and i'm sticking to it:o) I listed LOADS of new stuff yesterday and i have loads more made. I just have to get the pics. Take a look people. Give me some feedback cos i'd love to hear what you all think.

The rest of the resolutions aren't working out so well. My chore list has been pushed to the backburner for the moment. I've been so busy with the kids and crafting that the house needs a load of love now......LOL!!!! I also said that i would paint my upstairs but that just isn't gonna happen any time this month:o( Oh well!!!

I'm getting back to sorting some more pictures. THis etsy stuff is not for the fainthearted and that's for sure! It needs a LOT of dedication but i'm there so i just wanna sell some stuff! Wanted to list another tutorial but my computer is sick and i'm on my S.O.s! I'll make the next one worth the wait though!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just rearranged my craftroom:o)

As i said in the craft room is rearranged and looking gorgeous if i do say so myself:o) It took me a coupe of days as i was unorganised so i have it totally sorted. All my ribbon and supplies are categorised as well. It's a pleasure to be in there. I can't wait to get crafting away in it.

On a happy note, i had my first sales of 2010 today. I've been really busy listing and renewing items so somebody noticed:o) Feel free to take a look whenever you get the time. Hope you guys checked out the tutorial i gave in my last post cos i'm about to give you another lucky things!

These turn out so cute and are a little addictive! Enjoy:o)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So it snowed the other day and it hasn't snowed since but everywhere is still white! It's completely frozen solid. I'm getting cabin fever. It's gonna be like this for the next few days so i beeter get used to it:o( I'm using this time to my advantage. I've inventoring everything in my crafting studio so it's organised. I found some gorgeous printed ribbon i forgot i even had:o) It was like finding money! I'm gonna use it to make some lovely little tuxedo bow clippies.

For now i'm sharing a tutorial with all my faithful followers:o)