Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Ok so this week I've been taking on the world and losing miserably:o( I'm trying to get everything in order and it's really hard. Sometimes i wish i hadn't taken the year off cos i really feel like I'm starting again. I started a new Facebook fanpage and i'm trying to find out how to attach it to my blog amongst other things. I'll work it out..........eventually!

Anyway, on a lighter note i've been busy making more stuff and I have a great photographer in the states who's gonna take pictures of them on actual babies so that's really positive because then people will have a better ida of what they're buying. It was never gonna work with my photography skills! I'm attaching a pic of one of my masterpieces......enjoy!

Going to start working on building up a few tutorials on this blog so you guys have something useful from coming here. Chat soon.......


Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm getting there!

SO i've been working on some new designs, i have my craft room organised and I've just opened my new Zibbet store......yipee!!! I also sell with etsy but i'm finding that it's so saturated over there that it's really not worth my while anymore:o( Everytime i list something it just gets drowned out within the first few minutes so that's the reasoning for me trying Zibbet.

So as i said i've been working on new designs and i really love them so i hope other people think so and buy them! Let me know what you think:o)