Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Ok so this week I've been taking on the world and losing miserably:o( I'm trying to get everything in order and it's really hard. Sometimes i wish i hadn't taken the year off cos i really feel like I'm starting again. I started a new Facebook fanpage and i'm trying to find out how to attach it to my blog amongst other things. I'll work it out..........eventually!

Anyway, on a lighter note i've been busy making more stuff and I have a great photographer in the states who's gonna take pictures of them on actual babies so that's really positive because then people will have a better ida of what they're buying. It was never gonna work with my photography skills! I'm attaching a pic of one of my masterpieces......enjoy!

Going to start working on building up a few tutorials on this blog so you guys have something useful from coming here. Chat soon.......


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