Monday, September 7, 2009

Nothing, nada, zilch:o(

SO i've had a very very quiet couple of weeks! I haven't done one thing on the crafting front so i'm totally looking forward to getting loads done over the next few days. I have all sorts of ideas for clippies that i wanna make. I should be writing all down but i haven't even had the time to do that. On the bright car is spotless. I was like a psycho cleaning lady this evening cleaning it. I was sitting on the pavement outside my house on the ground with my vacuum cleaner cleaning the mats from inside the car and people kept grinning at me as they walked past. In my defense, my car was never so dirty. It took me all of 3 hours to clean it!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, told ya i had no news.LOL!!!! Back again tomorrow and hopefully i'll have 50 million clippies made............sigh!

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