Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kiddies have FINALLY settled in!!!!

Well i woke up a few minutes later this morning with a feeling of impending doom in my stomach. Today was the first day back in school after the weekend and from the last 2 weeks experience i would say that i HATE Monday mornings! But not today......on kids decided to surprise by waking up with smiles on their faces. My daughter spent the whole 45 minutes saying "mummy i want to go to playgroup NOW!" and my son who normally spends the same 45 minutes telling me he's not going to school said nothing at all (which i take as a good sign). So i spent the 45minutes in a frantic mess trying to get them ready and out the door and surprisingly we were on time!

I dropped the little lady off first as i always do and as we drove away she waved out the window with a HUGE smile on her face and before we were even gone she was gone to play with her little Pals. Then i took the little man to his school and as we walked around to his class there was silence between us. I felt that all was not good but we went into his class and he sat in his chair. I said to him "ok i'm going now little man" and he just said "Ok bye mommy"!

My babies have become children and have taken their first little steps to letting me go. It's not a nice feeling but it isn't a bad one either. I've realised that my babies have become children and are some day going to be adults and it's bitter sweet. I'm beginning to think that i am the one who is going to have problems letting go!

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