Sunday, August 21, 2011

Killing Facebook??

I heard some very worrying news today! Apparently a hacking group called anonymous is planning to take down facebook in November......... a related article can be found here.....

While I understand that we're all human and have a cause, this really concerns me as a business trying to take flight. I just opened a facebook page and my fan base is steadily rising. November, when they plan to do it, is just before Christmas and the busiest time for ALL retail business. If the big guys are gonna be affected by this what about us little guys who are using Facebook as our main way to network and grow our little businesses!!!!!! How will this affect us:o(

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  1. Just because they say they will, and obviously want to, doesn't mean they will succeed. Facebook would know about this treat, and would have already taken steps to protect itself. I understand your concern, but I wouldn't worry just yet. If they do cause any harm, I can't see them 'killing' it. Facebook is not stored all on one server, in one location. Even if they cause some down time, it probably won't be more downtime than we usually experience when Facebook has a hiccup.

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